True/False Questions not working in Published Storyline Module

I just published a SL module that has three sections of questions - the first 15 are T/F, the other two are multiple choice.  

When I preview the T/F scene everything works.

When I publish the T/F scene does not work - I cannot select the correct answer and hit submit (nothing happens).  If I select the wrong answer and hit submit, I get my incorrect feedback.  There is no correlation between True or False answers not working (i.e., doesn't matter what the answer is, it doesn't work).

Any thoughts?

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Bruce Graham


I would also Save As a new name, which can also sometimes assist.

I have no scientific or technical reason or proof that this will help, just a (bad?) habit I have always done.

Then delete the Quiz and start over.


**Please note that the management of this post bear no liability for any technical hiccup or complete failure that  occurs from following the advise of Bruce "Wicked Wombat" Graham. No knowledge at all, of ANYTHING technical is implied by this post, and there are many Forum members that can attest to the "technical noodge" status of WW aka Bruce Graham.

So there.

Steve Blane

Thanks for your suggestions Bruce.  Turns out it wasn't anything to do with the way I setup the T/F questions (I think).  

In the module, I included a couple of buttons to either lightbox a slide or show a layer.  IF those aren't clicked the T/F questions work fine.  If they are clicked, then the T/F stops working.  Have to investigate further to see if that is connected to the try again problem i was getting in MC questions.