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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elodie and welcome to Heroes!

Using the built in T/F question you won't be able to choose both, but what about setting up your own T/F quiz question using the Pick Many freeform option - where based on the user selecting True and/or False, the state of an offstage object is changed to selected and that determines which is correct. Here is a really simple mock up of how that would look.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Elodie Chalmette

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for welcoming me and for your answer! Your solution solves my issue properly!

I also found another option this morning: I select the "Incorrect" layer, and I do a right click on the slide on the left menu, I select "layout" and choose the "Correct feedback". So, the incorrect feedback now uses the correct feedback slide master, and I just have to change the text "Incorrect" to "Correct" for this question. Then, the learner thinks he/she is "correct" if he chooses "true" or if he/she chooses "false", even if a correct answer has been chosen when I created the question.

But in this case, the learner can't select "true" and "false" whereas it is possible in the solution you proposed.


Bronwyn Botts

I'm needing something similar.  It is a multiple choice quiz and there CAN be more than one right answer.  I don't want the user to get the INCORRECT pop up if they don't choose both.  But I do want them to get the CORRECT pop-up if they at least choose one of the right answers.  Is this possible?