True/False statements

Apr 07, 2017

Hi everyone,

I am new to using Storyline and love it! My question is about the true/false statement type question. Is there a way to do multiple statements that can be true or false in one question. Example:

Question 3

To better understand this feature of product X, please check the following statements to be true or false:

1. Product X has a widget - True or False

2. You can easily assemble product X - True or False

3. Product X has bluetooth for easy connection - True or False

Hope someone can shed some light on this ;-)



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Walt Hamilton

The short answer is that you can write a trigger to perform an action on condition that Ansewr1 is (or is not) = True AND answer2 is (or is not) = False. You can write  a trigger to perform an action on condition that Ansewr1 is (or is not) = True OR answer2 is (or is not) = False. What you cannot do is write a trigger with conditions that mix AND with OR, which is why Wendy's idea may be best for you.


Hi Wendy and Walt, I have a question related to this kind of Questions T/F: My client asks for 4 tries to get the correct answers, and the client requires to move the questions randomly, so I would need to use shuffle. If I had to do in this way, then this solution doesn´t work. Am I right? How could I do?

Thank you very much¡¡


I have used free form making the question and only one button to click as a group, so then I can use free form and shuffle. I can not do this way if I had to use two buttons. So I can not send something that I changed. I was thinking about your example. It is impossible to do in your way and also to change the order of the questions each time the student or the client tries to success in the test.

Thank you very much Wendy.


The client wants that if the student doesn´t answer correctly, then the course throw off the student in order to re-study the lesson. But next time the student begins again the test, 4 questions from the eight should be positioned in different order. At the end, the course only finish when the student succeed all answers.

I don´t know if this answers your question.

Wendy Farmer

You are right, you can't shuffle the questions in the freeform you have created but if they are not being graded on the question you could duplicate it four times and have them sitting in a scene that is accessed when the conditions are met.  You would need to create a quizTries number variable so that a different quiz slide is presented each time.

If you need a grade and it is 'yes they correctly answered' you could perhaps add a pick one that is auto scored as the grade and that is sent to the LMS.

So the first time they get to the slide - quiz slide 1 is presented, they fail, re-study the lesson, get to last slide then quiz slide 2 is presented, fail, re-study, last slide quiz slide 3 is presented, fail, re-study, quiz slide 4 presented - pass. Jump to another pick one when timeline starts, automatically mark that slide correct, this links to result slide which reports to LMS.

Does that make sense?

Sarah Cook

Hi Wendy, three years later this file is still helping me, thank you!

I have followed your triggers to have multiple t/f on one page - but when I press submit it still keeps telling me I haven't completed the question. Do you mind looking at my file and letting me know if you can see where I am going wrong?


It might be because I have used the radio buttons instead of boxes?

thanking you in advance if you are able to help (again!)