True/False Variable and Changing States


New user here, looking for some help with True/False Variable and Changing States.

I am trying make it so when a user completes a question that the state on the next page will update to answered which I am able to get working. However, my problem is that If the user goes back for what ever reason and removes their answered for that question the state will not update to reflect this and will still show that it as answer even when it is not.

I have create a clean example file below if someone would be kind enough to take a look I would really appreciate it. I did get this working at one point but for some reason it stopped and I am not sure why and I am going mad trying to fix it 

The joys of being a newbie :)


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Murray,

If you add another trigger to change the variable back to False when the user drags Picture 1 over Picture 2, this will work okay:

Now, when the user returns to the question and tries to move Picture 1, the variable is immediately changed to False as they start to drag the image. If they subsequently decide not to change their mind and drop it back onto Picture 2, the variable is then changed back to True by the original trigger. If, however, they drop Picture 1 anywhere outside Picture 2, the variable remains at False to show that they now have an incorrect answer.