True/False variable not working on result slide

I have a project where the user has an option to test out.  If they fail in the test out they have to review the content before they can retry the test.  I have two true/false variables to turn the retry button to normal when the failure layer starts.  One is if the user selected the I don't want to test out (they have already reviewed the content) and the REVIEW CONTENT button on the failure layer of the result slide.

The triggers work when I test them in the storyline file, but it is a cointoss when I test them in Review after publishing the file.  I have attached the content below to see if there is something wrong with my triggers.

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Sam Hill

Hi Sharrilyn, it looks to me like there could be a problem with setting a variable value on the same trigger as a slide navigation. In some experiments I did, a value was not being altered (as if the navigation occurred before the variable could be set).

Try moving your true/false variable changes to a Timeline Start trigger in the appropriate slide instead.

In the tests I performed the "I Do Not Want to Test Out" was not setting the "NoTOage_gender" variable to True. The variable value remained False.

Sharrilyn Schultz

Thanks for the feedback.  It is odd that it works on the result slide to have the True/False on the same item as a navigation and it works there.  I use this all the time.  I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that the variables both trigger the same item in the failure layer of the result slide.