True/False Variable On Quiz Interactions

I have five quiz slides in my project. On the last slide (the final slide after the quiz slides), I want to show individual layers connected to each quiz slide the learner got wrong. These will just be to reinforce any concept the learner didn't understand well. I have variables set up by default to False and to change to True if the user doesn't select the right answer. I have the final slide set up to show only the layers the user needs to see, but for some reason the variables are not changing from my quiz interactions.

If I change the default variables to True, every layer shows up exactly as it is supposed to, and if I have all the layers set to False, no layers show up. And this is all no matter how I answer the quiz questions. I've removed the incorrect and correct layers on each quiz slide and I've set each up to alter it's unique variable like this:

Adjust Variable "quiz1remedial"

= true

when user clicks

"Submit" button

On condition that

(correct answer) was not equal to selected

Anybody have any idea what I'm doing wrong? I'm not sure how else to change my variable based on how the learner responded to the question.

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