True/False Variable Overrides Visited State

Hello community. I have a problem that I need some help resolving.

I have several menus that depend on being clicked to initiate a "True" variable change to unlock the next menus button items. The user can click any of the buttons on the menu preceding to do this, it is a True/False variable. Clicking any makes it True. I then have the next menu to change the state of the next menu buttons to Normal when the two OR conditions are True. The problem is that these buttons get reverted back to Normal every time I come back to the menu after clicking them. They should stay in the Visited state so user's can see what they've already visited. How can I fix this so the variable doesn't override this state?

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Tyler Moore

Hi Michael thanks for responding, unfortunately I've tried that and it doesn't make a difference. The variable will change it to the Normal state automatically once it verifies the other variables are true. It doesn't know or take into account the ones already clicked when coming back to the menu.

I've attached a screenshot of one of the button triggers. Again the visited state won't work without either editing this or adding another trigger to somehow override what happens.


Tyler Moore

I figured it out I think. It seems to be working. I had to add another trigger that referred to a specific variable on each slide. I then added this to all of the menu buttons. The visited state (if fulfilled would then override the normal state. The reason the normal state is still important is that it refers to whether or not the buttons should be disabled or not. Not super efficient but it works.