True/False Variable to Change State of Object

I know this should be simple, but somehow I'm not getting the right result.  I need an object on my menu slide to change when the timeline starts on another slide in another scene.

I've made a variable called CompleteDiagram with the default value False, and set a trigger for it to change to True when the timeline starts.

Then I have a trigger on my menu for the object to change when CompleteDiagram changes with the condition that it is true.  When that didn't work I changed it to if CompleteDiagram is Not False and that didn't work either.

What am I missing?

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Gary Collins

This is common mistake people make with variables.

On your second slide you set the value to True for your variable. But when you go back to your first slide you want to change the diagram to complete when the variable changes.

But the variable was changed on the second slide and won't change again on the first slide causing that trigger to fire. 

You need to change the trigger on the first slide so it checks the value of the variable for true when when the timeline starts.

Try to remember if you want to fire a trigger when a variable changes it needs to happen on the slide where the change happens.