Truncated percents

Oct 04, 2012

So, my boss doesn't like decimals in his %'s when grading tests, he wants it simple. So I've come up with a way to round off the percents to the next whole value. However, I'm not following why a 40% variable is triggering when I have a 20% variable marked true...

Can anyone take a look at this file for me and see what you think? It's only two slides as its a test, and I just need some insight on how to get the 0%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100%'s to trigger independently.

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Jesse Spinella

Here's an updated version...

So, as you can see, currently, the 20% and 40% are coming up true, but at the same time, the 60% and 80% are also. I have the 60% coming up independently as the 80% variables. I'm not understanding what's causing the 20% and 40% to trigger the 60% and 80% respectively. Any ideas?

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