Truncated player tab labels on iPad

Feb 10, 2015

I've been testing storyline 2 output on the iPad and I've noticed that some of my custom player tab labels have been truncated to 21 characters followed by '...' This isn't good as I use the 'topbar left' location for a disclaimer, and also, one of my other labels is too long after it has been translated. This didn't happen in storyline 1. Can it be fixed? (Due to client-imposed restrictions, we cannot take advantage of the Articulate Mobile Player when we publish).

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Tess Curnow

Hi Ashley,

It's not behaviour I expected, because it is inconsistent with Storyline 1 and the output viewed on a computer (flash or HTML5). I've sent screengrabs on a secure link so you can see exactly where the labels are (along the top of the player, not on one of the narrow tabs) and how there is sufficient room for them not to need to wrap... 

Thanks for looking in to it.



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