Try again audio for drag and drop

I created a drag-and-drop graded question slide. Audio (reading the question)plays the first time and on the try again replay (after initially getting the question wrong).  I want to silence the audio on the second try.

I know Articulate has a video to use triggers and conditions to make this work, but I'm unable to find it in the tutorials.  Can anyone direct me to that video?

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Jerry Beaucaire
  1. Create a TRUE/FALSE variable called Audio1Done or something you like.  Make sure the default is FALSE.
  2. Adjust your trigger that plays the audio to add a condition:
    Play Media Question1Narration when timeline starts on the condition that variable Audio1Done equals False
  3. Add a new trigger to occur after the one above:
    Adjust variable Audio1Done to True when media completes Question1Narration

The variable names are to get you thinking, adjust to your own controls.  There are many ways to get this effect, this is one way.