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Arnold Foss

Sorry about the double post, told me the first time that it did not go through.

So here is my problem; story attached.

On the Quiz slide, if the answer is incorrect then a |Try Again button pops up.

Have this set to return the user to Slide 1.3 then 1.4 to review the information.

However when the user gets back to the quiz slide 1.5 it still has the Try Again button showing and does not actually play the slide.

Not sure what I am doing wrong here, but appreciate the help so far.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Arnold,

No worries about the double post - your first post ever is held in moderation until a staff member confirms it, so it can get held up some times.

I took a look at your file, and you'll want to change two things. First, add an additional trigger to your Try Again layer that when the user clicks continue it hides the layer, and you'll want to make sure this is before the "jump to" slide. 

Next, change the slide  revisiting properties to "reset to initial state" so that when the user revisits the slide all the information is started from the same spot again. 

Hope that helps!

Steve Garrett

I apologize if I'm covering stuff posted elsewhere!  This my first time posting here.

I've got a free-form Pick One quiz that I need to be able to have two attempts, random question order, random answer order, custom feedback layers on each question for Poor, Okay, Good and Best choices, AND be able to review the given answers after the user is finished.  All my questions are in a Question Bank.  However, I am not using Feedback or Slide Masters.  The trouble I'm having is that if I add the custom layers and set the base layer to retain its saved state, then I can't seem to get the "try again" button to work.  I've uploaded my file here.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Steve, 

Welcome to the ELH forums!

I took a look at your file, and you mentioned the try again button, but I see your custom button is jumping to another slide vs. returning the user to the question slide to attempt the question again? Regardless, if you use "resume saved state" the user will pick up where they left off - so if you want them to be able to retry the question you'll want to look at using the "retry button" from the results slide or if you've taken a look at the "attempts" section and set it to more than 1, the "try again" layer will be generated automatically and allow the user another attempt with the question being accessible to answer again. 

Steve Garrett

Got it figured out!  I added variables to each question slide which counted the Try Again button press. Then I created copies of the feedback layers without the Try Again button.  Finally I added triggers to the answer buttons that branched to each of the layers.  So, when the counter is at 0, the respective feedback layer with the Try Again button is displayed (Try Again just hides the layer).  When the counter is at 1, the respective feedback layer without the Try Again button is displayed. 

Problem solved, Steve is happy and amused.