Try again in freeform drag and drop eliminates Incorrect response

Nov 22, 2020


I'm trying to create a drag and drop freeform interaction with 2 attempts and an option that the items dragged will return to their initial position between both tries.

I watched this video, done by David Andersons ( but when I follow it- the slide will show the tryagain layout over and over and will not get to the incorrect option.

How can I solve this?

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Shevi,

I built a drag and drop from scratch and got the same result you did. I think what is happening is that when the slide resets to its initial state when the Try Again button is clicked, it also resets the number of attempts and so it never reaches 2.

In order to get round this, in the attached version of your file I have created a new variable (Attempts), which is incremented by 1 each time the Submit button is clicked. Being a variable, this will not be affected by the slide being reset and so can then be used to immediately show the Incorrect layer when the timeline starts on the Try Again layer if the variable is equal to 2. In effect, therefore, the Try Again layer will appear after the second attempt fails, but as it will then disappear instantly, the user will only see the Incorrect layer.

I am not sure why the built-in counter for the quiz attempts isn't working in the same way, but it would appear not to be. However, this does at least get round the problem and enables your drag and drop to be reset correctly between attempts.

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