try again layer - when setting up a quiz from question bank with 3 attempts

Feb 09, 2015


I have an issue with setting up my try again layer for my quiz project.


I have 15 questions in total, and I was asked to show learners 10 each time randomly. So I put all 15 in the question bank. Learners can have 3 attempts for answering the questions. However, after "continue" from the try again layer, the slide could not go back to its initial state. The trigger I have for the "continue" button is to hide the layer, and also I set the base layer to go back to the initial state. I was watching some other people's video. Setting the "continue" trigger as jump back to the same slide might be a good way to do it. However, I do not have the option when I tried to choose the slide. I guess the reason is because I am using a question bank?


My ultimate question is, is there a way to let the learners to go back to the initial state of the slide when they click on the "continue" button in try again layer? in other words, when they go back to the question, is there a way to hide their previous answer?


Thank you!


Have a great day!  :))))

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Emily Ruby

Hello Zoe,

Using the jump to slide, and having the continue button jump back to the initial state on the would probably not work since this will reset the slide, and the 3 attempts will start over.

However this would not work in a question bank, so if you need to use a bank for randomization, the continue button in the try again layer is set up to only hide the layer and allow the user to change their answer. You could add a trigger to "Change the State of" the wrong answer to "normal" when the user clicks the try again button. You would have to add a trigger for each wrong answer, but it may work.



Janet Mudd

Good morning,

I'm having the same problem detailed her, using a Pick One in a question bank as a multiple drag-and-drop.  The try again doesn't reset the slide when it brings you back to it.  Both the Try Again and Base Slide are set to "reset to initial state"; and all the moving "parts" are set on the Try Again layer to return to normal when that button is pushed.

I'm using the quiz bank as I have 19 different slides that I want to randomize.  I've only included a couple in the attached file as an example.

Any ideas?

Janet Mudd

FYI, customer support was unable to find a workaround and suggested I put in a feature request.  So if you are in need of questions IN A question BANK that allow more than one try, and will reset to it's original state, you may want to put in a feature request as well.  As of the time of this posting that issue isn't resolved.  The link to put in a feature request is below.


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