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Dec 13, 2016

I'm trying to set up a quiz such that learners can re-attempt the questions until they get it right. I've set the Feedback to "By Question" and Attempts to "Unlimited" (I've also tried setting it to '3', as there are only three possible answers). I've added by an Incorrect and Try Again feedback layer. When I preview any of the questions, if I get the answer wrong and click Submit, neither of the two feedback layers appear (Incorrect or Try Again). Any ideas/suggestions of what I'm doing wrong?

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Alyssa Gomez

H there Leslie! Are you using the default feedback layers, or did you create custom ones? Do you have a trigger on your Base Layer Trigger Pane that says, "Submit Interaction Multiple Choice when the user clicks the submit button"?

If you're still having trouble, feel free to share your file here so we can take a closer look!

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