Try again or Reset-button within each question

I have a pool of questions. With feedback per choice.

Now I want to use a "Try again" button for each feedback, so the User can check each answer and the feedback. That's running very well except the user is clicking the right answer. Attempts are unlimited. 

Can anyone help in this case.

Enclosed please find a sample.

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Karin Amann

Hi Leslie,
never mind, it is not easy to understand what I want!!!

Although the user answers the question correctly, he should be able to click on the additional answer possibilities. 

E.g. let's say the correct  answer is nr. 3 (like in the above exemple)

If the user clicks on nr. 1 - there will be the incorrect feedback.
If the user clicks on nr. 2 - there will be the incorrect feedback.
If the user clicks on nr. 3 - there will be the correct feedback but the user should be able to click further on also on nr. 4 to see there the feedback before he goes on to the next question.

I know it is a special requirement - do you think this will be possible?


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Karin! I'm sure it may be possible, but it would take a custom set-up. 

A layer that pops up for feedback prior to submitting perhaps? That would have to be set up on the slide level and the feedback removed. 

I made a quick, easy example of an idea and hopefully that will either help you out or inspire your next idea :)