Try and Test Mode Simulation not working with Specific Application

We have an application used by our customers that I wish to create a Try Mode simulation using. I have used Try Mode with plenty of success on other applications, but this specific application will not work the same. It records the video, but when inserting it as a Try Mode or Test Mode, it inserts one slide, with no hotspots or layers, instead of the expected several slides with the steps I captured. 

Has anyone else found applications that cannot be captured and used with the simulation option? If so, what workarounds were you able to use for simulations?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Suzanne,

Glad you figured it out! Storyline and the application you're recording will need to operate with the same permissions to allow for the capture and transmission of data. So if the other application is being run as an administrator mode, Storyline would need the same. 

Thanks for letting us know it's resolved!