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Hi All,

I have already developed an exercise in Try mode, and I am realizing that some learners are having trouble getting through it all the way and getting stuck. I would like it to advance automatically after 2 tries to alleviate this concern, but I am told that this is not possible unless I rebuild it is a test. It is already built and took quite a while to do so; is there any sort of workaround where I could get it to forward automatically after 2 attempts? I DO have the option to forward after two attempts in the text entry field, just not on the screens that have something without text entry (like click a button).



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Emily Ruby

Hello Melissa,

You could set something like this up using variables. You could create a number variable for Attempts, then when they click the try again layer add 1 to the variable. Then you can add a jump to next slide trigger if the attempts are 2 or more. If you have a slide or 2 you could share, you can post it here.