Try It Mode Text Entry Issues

I'm creating a software simulation using the step-by-step Try it mode. Every slide that has text entry requirement is simply a large white text box that covers the entire screen. For example, on slide 4 the hotspot is to click on the account number field. Slide 5 should be a spot where they type in the phone number, but instead it is simply a large white textbox. When I resize the text box to fit in the phone number field, I can't resize the text, so it looks terrible. Help!?!


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Kelly Blenus

I did share the file with the support team, and unfortunately their answer wasn't entirely helpful. They said "When you record a screencast in Articulate Storyline and insert it into your course as Try mode steps or Test mode steps, you may find that a data-entry field is misplaced or the wrong size."

Through more research, I've found out that when transferring anything using Javascript into Try-It mode, they text entry fields don't work properly.

Jolie Engelbrecht

I know this is an old thread but it is happening to me as well. When recording simulations text entry boxes either show up off to the side of the screen, and really tiny OR way too big and in random spots on the screen. The small ones I can work with but if I try to downsize the large white text entry box I can, however I end up with a scrolling bar on the side of it even if the text has been downsized to much smaller than the box. This looks terrible.  Has there been a solution found to this? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jolie, 

Were you using Javascript similar to what Kelly mentioned above? If so, that may account for the odd behavior you're seeing. For the larger ones, did you check the font size associated with the text entry? If you were to resize it smaller than the font size that would automatically put in the scrolling element. 

If you'd like us to take a look at your .story as well we're happy to  and you can share here by using the "Add Attachment" button to upload it here. 

Jolie Engelbrecht

Hi Ashley.

The screencasts are from a program that uses Javascript. For the larger ones...when resized they are still larger than the font and yet show a scrolling bar, which doesn't make sense. I could understand if the font was larger but it is not.


They are fine if they show up as they tiny ones (although it took me a bit of work to even find them as they show up in the workspace beside the slide and not ON the slide)  and I make them bigger but there is no way to control that I know how they show up when the video is broken up into slides.

Unfortunately due to privacy issues I cannot send the story file. 

Since this is a known item, is it on the radar to be fixed?  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jolie,

Thanks for confirming that it's got Javascript in the program too. You'll see the documentation here on the issue with the screen recording, and it's based on how the individual application reports data. Since each application could report data differently there isn't a way that we could confirm this within Storyline and as such the manual changes that you've had to do will need to continue as you go forward. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Ah, sorry Jolie - that wasn't one I'd see. Do you see this again on the program that includes the Javascript element? Are you able to insert a new text entry box to see if that resolves the scroll bar and allows the user to still enter text? If you're still having difficulty are you able to share a copy of the .story file with our Support Engineers here? 

Corvil Learning

Similar to @Kelly Blenus, I am having text entry field issues using the step-by-step Try Mode.

 Here are my 3 issues:

 1. The text box covers the whole slide.

2. I have to click twice to enable the cursor to become active and begin typing.

3. The text appears only half way down in the text field.

I see that the issue of having to click twice in the text box to enable it to become active was raised 7 years ago.

For security reasons, I am not permitted to send the story.file to support.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Corvil Learning!

Thanks for checking in on these three issues! I'm happy to help!

I haven't seen any snags where the text box covers the whole slide, or the text appearing halfway down in the text field. I know that you aren't permitted to share the .story file, but would it be possible to see a screenshot?

Secondly, clicking twice on the text box is a current bug that our team has started testing! This means that we will be able to share an update when they've completed testing and have the fix. Now that you're subscribed to this discussion, you'll be notified when we report back with the good news.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi everyone,

Great news!  We just released another update for Articulate 360, and included a few important fixes that you'll see in the release notes here.  

The item you'll be interested in is:
Fixed: We fixed a few issues with data-entry fields. Learners had to click a data-entry field before they could type a response. In some cases, they couldn't select the default text before typing a response. Text didn't always scroll when it was longer than the data-entry field.

Just launch the Articulate 360 desktop app on your computer and click the Update button for Storyline 360. Details here.

Please let us know if you have any questions, either here or by reaching out to our Support Engineers directly.

Carol Mealy

Hi, hoping you can help.

I'm using the 'try it' mode to record a demo. I click in a field where the learner should type this number: 56.7....when I preview the demo, the number that this field is acknowledging is 6.7, not 56.7. I installed the update, but it didn't help.

Could this be another bug with the tool?

Carol Mealy


Hoping you can help again. In a different screen recording, I'd like the
learner to change a number in a cell from 45 to 27. It is clearly recorded
in the demo by performing the necessary actions, but when it gets inserted
into Storyline, there is no action to let the learner change the number
from 45 to 27.

The learner is able to click in the cell that has the number 45, but as
soon as *Enter* is recorded as a screen action, the number changes from 45
to 27 automatically on the next screen. The learner does not have the
option of inserting the number 27 into a is done automatically,
the screen jumps from the screen that has 45 on it to the screen that has
the number 27 on it.

I recorded this screen at least 5 times, and I'm getting the same results.

Is there a way to manually add a click action?

I can send you the .story file if that helps.

As always, thank you for your help.

Joseph Brightman

Did anyone ever solve the issue with the text entry fields coming up over an entire slide or large area? If we simply change the size of the text entry field, it ends up chopping off some of the text, even if we try to change the font size in the box.

A few of my teammates are experiencing this, and we'd love to know how to resolve it.

Sarah Hipwell

I'm still having issues with text-entry fields. I logged this issue here 7 months ago(Corvil Learning). The updates have made no difference. I've tried different browsers - IE, Microsoft Edge etc. Similar to @Joseph Brightman, when I edit the text-entry field, the text is half hidden when published. It's very frustrating!