Try Mode Steps Works for Me but not Non-StoryLine users

Jul 18, 2013


When I publish my file, and I send it to a non-SL user, all of the SL features work except for the screens that have the Try Mode. They click on the correct spot but it doesn't advance to the next slide.

I've attached the Triggers menu if that can help with determing why this feature isn't working.

Thanks so much!


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Bruce Graham

Difficult to determine without seeing the whole .story file, but I am wondering whether changing the order, (moving the "Play Media" trigger up one by highlighting and using the blue button to move it up) might make a difference?

Not quite sure what is going on here - if they click it will not go to the next slide, as you have told it to Play Media when they click.

I would recommend just checking the Triggers, the order, and what you actually want to happen, (I may be completely on wrong tack here...)


Pat Brett

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the quick response. I tried your suggestion but SL won't allow me to move it up. Only the down blue arrow is available to move it down.

The strange thing is I didn't touch the order of the triggers. That is what came up when I captured the screen movements.

And i didn't touch any of the settings in SL thinking that the defaults would work. I also did another quick test using a new file and having a Try Mode on just three slides and it still doesn't work for the non-SL user.

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