Try Step-by-Step Slide Mode Recording Through GoToMeeting

I have an internal customer and we want to capture a series of steps in a software application. I may be able to get an ID for this application but I would prefer that my Subject Matter Expert actually do the driving. We're using GoToMeeting at the moment. I want to capture Step-by-Step Slides, recording them in the Try Mode so that I can create that slide series for her learners. I also want to do Test mode later.

Here's my question - is there any reasonable way that I can use a shared screen app like GoToMeeting or anything similar to capture the entire experience in Try and Test modes? I'm going to use the screencast capture for my meeting with her next week but I wanted to see if Try and Test are even possible because of the keyboard / mouse interactions.

Does the keyboard and mouse have to be on my machine since I have Articulate Storyline 360 or could it be captured from her input through the GoToMeeting with me capturing it or how would that work?

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Brian Allen

Hmmmm, interesting question... For this to have a chance I believe the SME would have to "take control" of your desktop through the meeting app, which I'm not sure go to meeting has the capability to do.

Definitely something to try though. Again, because they would be actually controlling your desktop:

  • You're probably going to have extra to cut/edit (esp beginning and end),
  • There may be lag to account for, will be interesting to see how that effects things,
  • You'll have to have the app open on your desktop, with the SME signed in using their ID
  • etc etc
Kevin Handy

They would have the app target application on their desktop. I would have Articulate Storyline 360 on MY desktop. Therein lies the challenge. Does that change the scenario any in your mind? If so what might I count on. This doesn't have to be "GoToMeeting" in fact I've wondered about this for a while - it could be Microsoft Business Skype or WebEx - anything actually. Because you can share screens and one COULD capture the screen of the individual running the app - but does it record the interactions of their keyboard and mouse so these are embedded into your Try or Test mode courses?

Brian Allen

Kevin, if they are using the application on their desktop, and you have Storyline on yours, you can record video, but no interactions for Try and Test modes.

The only way this *might* work for you, is if you (the Storyline author) have the application open on YOUR desktop, and then allow the SME to "take control" of your desktop through the conferencing app (go to meeting, or whatever).

I've never tried it, so I'm not exactly sure how Storyline will record keyboard input and mouse clicks. Definitely something you will want to test.

Crystal Horn

Hey Kevin. In addition to what Brian offers, I would recommend that your SME starts a trial of Articulate 360 so that she can natively record the process in Storyline 360 from her machine. She could save the .story file with the screen recording and send it to you to finish or import into an existing Storyline 360 project.

We make it easy to use the screen recording tool, so hopefully, that's an option that would work best for you!