Try This--Zoomed Image with Lightbox Slide

May 18, 2012

Can someone try this . . .

Create a slide to a course and make it a lightbox slide.  Add a picture to the lightbox slide and make the picture a fairly large one so you have to reduce it in size to fit inside the slide.  Then add the zoom icon to the picture.

Then preview the course.  When you get to the lighthouse slide, zoom out the picture by clicking the icon.  Then click to exit the lighthouse slide (without clicking back on the zoomed image to reduce to size--leave it zoomed out).

When I do this the lighthouse slide closes but the zoomed image stays there in front of everything.  clicking the image then doesn't do anything.

Before I possibly report this as bug, does anyone else get the same thing?

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Bruce Graham

When I do it, the picture expands OVER the lightbox "X" button, so I need to click on the piccy to show the "X", which then works.

Clicking outside the picture when it is expanded does nothing, which is what I would have expected anyhow.....

Not exactly sure what you mean when you say "click to exit" you have a button to do this?



PS - what's a "lighthouse slide"? 

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