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I am trying to get a training in the attached format. So there is a starting slide which has tiles to different sections. The user starts with Story 1 slide and click on the different slides details, workflow, demo and exercise namely. They have to traverse back to the Story 1 slide to move to the next section. So the sequence will be

Story 1 ->Details ->Story 1 -> Workflow -> Story 1 -> Demo -> Story 1 -> Exercise -> Story 1 -> Story 2 -> Details -> Story 2 -> Workflow -> Story 2 -> Demo -> Story 2 -> Exercise

The problem is I want to play voice depending upon the tile they want to pick. So e.g. when user lands on the slide Story 1 I want the voice to say click on the Details tile. So the user will click and navigate to the Details slide and after going through the slide will click on Previous and land on the Story 1 slide. Then I want the voice to say click on Workflow tile. The user will click on the Workflow tile and will land on the Workflow slide and so on. 

Please let me know if this can be achieved with the use of triggers and that can be conditioned depending on how many times the user has landed on the Story 1 slide.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Sheena Baksh

Hi Sana,

You can add a hotspot to each section and then apply a trigger to that hotspot. This trigger will play the media when the hotspot is clicked. Make sure the audio trigger is pushed to the top. Please take a look at the attached screenshot and  updated story file.

Sana Khatib

Thank you Sheena for getting back.

But my requirement is a little different. I want to be able to play the audio even before the user clicks on the tiles. The audio will tell them to click on the tile for the next section. Like once the user completes the "Details" slide and comes back to the Story 1 slide, the audio should play and direct the user to click on the "Workflow" tile.