Trying to avoid saying "Click Next to Continue"

Hi folks, need input and advice.

I have a series of slides where there is audio introducing the slide, and then markers which are all required to be accessed before the next button displays.  There is no audio on each of the markers.

The requirement is that when all markers have been viewed, they can click the next button to continue.  I do not want to keep saying the same statement over and over.  I would hope that my audience would know to click next because we've been doing that all along in the course.  

However...  not all of my folks will understand what to do. 

Looking for suggestions about how to prompt the user if they don't click Next within x seconds after the last marker was clicked and all marker states are now "visited".  I had hoped we could blink the Next button, but I have read that is not possible.  Any other suggestions?




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