Trying to build a module with role specific results.

Dec 15, 2017

Hey guys,

I'm trying to see if it's possible to create module where:

-the user chooses their role

-based off that role are presented with an assessment for that specific role

-then push those results to another results slide which the LMS reads.


What I'm having trouble with is that combining multiple results slide functionality only does "user must pass each quiz" and "combine points from each quiz". The user doesn't actually visit the other results slide at all and I was hoping to manually pass what the user scored on their assessment into the "FINAL" results slide which the LMS uses to record the score etc.


But you can't access in-built variables and if I select either  "user must pass each quiz" or"combine points from each quiz", would change the value of what the user score.


Is there a way so that I don't need to record the score from the other result slides or would I actually need to build multiple modules. I've attached my current working file. Thanks in advance.

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