Trying To Export To MP4 But Video Output Quality Is Too Low


I have tried to create a test video using Storyline.  I used the Slides/Record screen function to create a short screen recording and then inserted it into a slide.  Then because the published mp4 was such low quality, despite setting the output quality settings to the highest, I tried to remove compression from the video clip itself, that I had inserted.   But when I selected the video placeholder and went to Options, the compression value is hard-wired to automatic.   In the help it says, 

This feature is only available for MP4 videos created with baseline, main, or high profiles. All other video files will be compressed when published.

So my question is - are screen captured videos from Storyline itself not created with baseline, main or high profiles?  If they are not, what should I do?  

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Liz,

You're right that you won't be able to turn off compression for videos created using Storyline's screen recording tool.

I'm curious to find out more about the video you recorded? What were the dimensions of this video? And what are your slide dimensions?

Setting up the recording dimensions to match the slide dimensions will result in the highest quality video.