Trying to figure out how to end a course properly

We built a course in Storyline 2 - we are then going to upload to our LMS.  We can't seem to build a good ending on the last slide.  Right now, we have two triggers Jump to previous slide when user clicks previous button and jump to next slide when user clicks the next button.  We tried putting exit course button using the timeline, but the slide comes and quickly goes away before the learner gets to read the slide.

Any ideas on how to end a course?  I don't see any tutorials on this topic.


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Bob O'Donnell

If you're on the last slide in the course you do not need the Next button to show on that slide. If you're using the built in player, "Exit" can be simply added to the player interface. You last slide shouldn't go away. Not sure what settings you have there. When a user comes to the last slide, the program should simply pause there.

If you can share your story file someone can actually look at how you have it programmed.