Trying to figure out how to snap a picture into place

Oct 17, 2017

Help! I can not for the life of me figure out how to snap a picture into place in a drag and drop interaction. I have set it up so that the learner drags correct and incorrect pictures into a target and I want the correct responses to snap to the target and the incorrect pictures to bounce back. I have set up layers with correct and incorrect responses when they drag the object and drop it but I also want them to snap to the target.

I know this is probably an easy fix but I am perplexed!

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Susan Roussel

Hi David,

Yes, those are all correct as well. I honestly am at a loss at what else to do. This very well could be operator error (pick me!) and I think I really screwed up something when I built it (I've been using SL for 4 months intermittently, so still a newbie). I have more experience with Captivate than SL and honestly I find Captivate way easier to  develop D & D's in than SL. I may have to redo the entire slide which sucks but I can't find a solution. 

Thank you so much for trying to help!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Susan!

I overlooked your file above, so I was able to take a peek at it.

The reason that setting is not working is because you have every item marked to drop on the lunchbox, which means it's correct. Looks like you were relying on custom  triggers to say if the item was correct or not, which is why it wasn't working.

Take a look at slide 2.1 and see how the built-in method works. It doesn't provide feedback per item, but certainly snaps back as you mentioned wanting. Still set up for unlimited retries and now the submit button works as intended as well. 

Hopefully someone will be able to chime in and assist with your custom set-up if that's the design that you need.

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