Trying to figure out where a very weird publishing setting is coming from

We publish out of Storyline 3 with a very specific set of settings that works with our LMS. We have another team we've been working with who use our same list of settings but are having trouble getting their courses to cooperate with our LMS.

The LMS administrator looked at the files they were uploading and said this:

"Your issue was that your imsmanifest.xml was saved using UTF-8 BOM. To load the file on our application it must be just UTF-8. To fix this issue, I opened the imsmanifest.xml document in a text editor and under the document settings, I unchecked "Write Unicode Bom". I was then able to load the file successfully."

Now, of course the text editor thing, etc., is all beyond the scope of Storyline, but is there a way to know which publishing setting would be creating the Unicode Bom setting in the imsmanifest file?

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