trying to have the best highligh-pen effect....?

Apr 24, 2013

Hello Heroes...

help again...

I m trying to have a real pen.highlight effect in SL?

I tried several animation on a fluo shape...but it is still far to giving the pen-fluo hightlight effect...

anyone good design tips for this please?

merci a lot

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Julie!

Does it need to come from a specific point? If not, you could use a shape (start with the object to an initial state of hidden) and adjust the transparency so that the word or items you're highlighting show through the shape. You could use a "Grow" animation, very slow and current for the highlighting effect. 

Then, add a hotspot and trigger that changes the state of the highlight object to "Normal" when the hotspot is clicked.

It could look something like this:

Example for Julie

I realize the example isn't fancy, but maybe that type of effect will work for your project?

You could probably do something even more elaborate, but it really depends on how you want this to appear and how easily you want to create this effect.

Good luck on the project!


Julie B.

Hello Christine,

Thanks  a lot for your answer and examples...

This is ...almost..what my 'customer' wants...and it is not close enough to a pen highlight effect...

My 'client'  really want the feeling that a pen has been used to highlight

It would then mean that the grow animation comes from the left of the word to the right...

....when I use the grow from the left , it means 'enter from left of the slide" and not "grow shape from the left" this case the shape is kind of flying from the left of the slide and does not look like a pen gesture..

thanks for your suggestion!

Antony Snow

Hi Julie and Christine,

@ Julie - I have had a quick look at the example file Christine provided and I have added a rectangle that is the same colour as the background colour and that acts as a  'mask' for the animated highlight effect - please see attached.

I'm not sure if this is a practical solution for you to apply, especially if you have an image as the slide background (although you could crop a copy of the image?), but it works here.

Is this closer to what your client would like?


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