My developer needs to know where to go to modify the SCO name so that Moodle can grab the name I give the slide rather than grab the type of slide.  

Ex.  Need to be able to change SCO from "Scene1_Slide4_PickOne_0_0" to

Need to be able to change SCO from "Scene1_Slide4_PickOne_0_0" to

"Scene1_Slide4_Course Expectations"

I need to do this to get Scorm interactions report to give the text of the question rather than just the answers.

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Sandra Selling

Unfortunately, Moodle does not play nice with Scorm 2004 and requires the use of Rustici to obtain easily usable reports that display the question along with the answers students have provided. Rustici is currently not practical price-wise. We are trying to find a work around.

Any suggestions or am I just not going to be able use Storyline for this project? Please tell me there is a way! I really need the capabilities of Storyline!

Dave Cox

Hi Sandra,

I have to use SCORM1.2 as well. To get the question text to report, Iv'e modified the SCORM1.2 code to report the question text,, I'm including the modified file here for your use. 

To use this, change the name of the file to "SCORMFunctions.js" and replace the the file in your published/lms folder with this file. After you replace this file, in your project, the question text will report to the LMS as a ".text" cmi interaction. You will need to replace this file everytime you publish, before you upload the project to your LMS.

I do this with all of my courses, and it works great.

Sandra Selling

Thank you soo much for continuing to respond. I teach high school classes online to homeschoolers. I need the question TEXT or some 4-5 word summary of it (ideally at the top of the column for each response group in the interactions report). Otherwise, I must spend huge amounts of unnecessary time I don’t have going back and forth between slides and the report. Since some questions are designed to be very similar in content, this can become confusing which takes even more time. However, this information is critical to my ability to tailor courses that meet student needs.

The time requirement to evaluate student responses and match them up with questions is significant enough that I’m considering moving to Captivate, despite the learning curve, which will produce a SCORM interactions report for Moodle that places the question with the answers. Only Storyline Scorm 1.2 works with Moodle. Why would Storyline have a Scorm update that does not work with Moodle with no intention of remedying that?

As an alternate and preferable solution, I am considering having someone design an interface that drops the interactions report into an excel sheet and then grabs each question from the Storyline slide deck and puts it at the top of the appropriate column of responses. For that reason I requested where the SCO name can be modified.

Is there a low-cost solution or am I going to have to move Captivate to meet this need? I FAR prefer Storyline and have made a sizeable investment in their software. I do NOT want to switch, but will have to unless I find a reasonable solution to this problem.

Thank you so much for your continued assistance!


Sandra Selling

OK, I have the file open. Please forgive the extraneous requests...I've not used boards to answer questions in the past. You have been so helpful, I will definitely do it in the future.

Important question - Do you mind my asking which Moodle releases you have used this with? Have you had any problem with updates as a result of this? Or with any themes you've used?

Dave Cox

Our LMS is an old version of SABA. Although I've used Moodle, I haven't tried this fix with it, but it should work. If it doesn't then if you can find out the exact parameter that Moodle looks for form your LMS administrator, I can modify the code to match for you. The script sends the question identified in the cmi interaction string as ".text". If it doesn't work, then Moodle may need the string ".description".  

This is all done in the javascript code that SCORM uses for communication. The default code that Articulate provides doesn't send the question text, because the SCORM 1.2 specification doesn't specify how to send it.

Give it a try, and see if it works for you.