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Hello everyone!

I am creating a safety course where I'm using 8 different icons as clickable buttons to explore each area of the content I need to present. When they click an icon they get to that information which branches into it's own set of slides or slide layers. 

I'm pretty new to the actual e-learning design portion of training so any help or pointers is greatly appreciated! What I'm trying to do is find a way to allow them to take a final quiz only after they've clicked on each of the 8 icons (I've removed the next buttons so they must click through all of the content to get back to the main 'menu'-I know, I know forced navigation can be bad- but our company wants to know they've seen all of the slides).


I've been reading up on variables and triggers and conditions but no matter what conditions I try, the quiz button automatically jumps to the quiz slide-whether or not the condition is met. So I've clearly set something up incorrectly. Does anyone know how to achieve this on storyline 360? or who can at least point me in the right direction? I would greatly appreciate it!

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Glenn Jones

Hi Maggie

Welcome to the wonderful world of eLearning!

I'd use a true/false variable on the last page of each section....I use rubbish naming conventions, so I'd end up calling it Section1Done or something like that.  Set the variable to False initially, then put a trigger on the last page of the section to change the variable from False to True.

I'd do that for each of the 8 sections, so you end up with 8 variables.

As for the quiz button, I'd put a condition on the button - so the trigger would say something like "jump to the quiz slide when the user clicks submit IF Section1Done = True AND Section2Done = True And...............Section8Done = True"

That way, the quiz button will only work once they have viewed each section.

Hope that helps


Training Specialist

Thank you so much! That helped me a lot, one of those I've been staring at it too long things I think.  I was trying to make the true/falses work with if they'd clicked on the icon and it wasn't working. The last slide of each section worked, and works with tracking completion better anyway. I really appreciate your help!