trying to lock the Next button until all layers have been visited

Oct 11, 2017

I am still learning the software and have a slide that has 12 layers. One of the layers is the launching point to viewing the other 11.

I do not want the learner to be able to advance to the next slide until all layers have been viewed.

I thought this was going to be via variables but I can't figure it out.

All help is appreciated,


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Walt Hamilton


The concept is that you need something on every layer to indicate to the program that the learner has viewed it, and you're correct, variables are the best way to do that. My experience is that T/F variables are the easiest way to do this.

So, you put a unique variable on each layer. Create a trigger that sets the variable when the learner Clicks to Return. Then put conditions on the NEXT button to jump if each variable indicates that its layer was visited.

Check the attached .story for a sample. I put variables on Science and Secretary, so you can see how they work.

I also took the liberty of making a couple of other small changes, which you can keep if you think they are useful.

I changed the properties of the Mural layer to Keep Saved State on revisit. That way, the big blue oval doesn't have to be clicked off each time.

I put marks on the icons for Science and Secretary to indicate that they have been visited.

I created a message that shows if the learner clicks on NEXT before the layers are all completed. 

[Rant ON] As a user, I HATE the creator if there is something on the screen I can click, but get no result. It is the sign of laziness in the creator, unless there is a really solid purpose in frustrating the learner. Personally, I do not let the mechanism for advancement appear until it is active. Some people don't like to make the NEXT button disappear, because the PREVIOUS button slides over and takes its place. In my opinion, that should trigger really negative feelings about how lazy the Articulate programmers are. It doesn't in me, because I never use the built-in NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons anyway. [Rant OFF]

Look at the sample, and I think you can fill it out for the other layers, and it will help you grasp a bit of the uses and methods of variables.

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