Trying to make a drag & drop behave like a screen recording in SL2

Hi team,

I have found a couple similar questions here but nothing that can help me troubleshoot my particular problem. I am building a systems training course where, for a couple different reasons, we decided to use static screenshot photos for a simulation rather than using the Screen Recorder function. Everything is working well on most of the slides, but in one section I'm trying to use a drag & drop interaction to simulate dragging an item from a list into a given pane onscreen.

I have a transparent PNG as the drag object, that switches to a "grabbed" state when the user hovers the mouse over. Then I have a freeform drag & drop interaction, where a nearly transparent rectangle is the target drop shape. I'm intending to have the interaction submit when the item is dropped, and then advance to the next slide automatically. For now, I'm trying to make the "correct" layer show with a trigger to jump to the next slide when the timeline starts, but for whatever reason, the slide isn't jumping.

Anyone able to help me troubleshoot? The slide in question is slide 2.7

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