Trying to make font changes in new layer

Apr 17, 2016


Just wondering if anyone has seen this before. 

I've added a new layer to a slide which includes a text box.  I'm trying to change the text box font type to Calibri as that's the master font.  But the font is stuck on open sans all the time.  I'm using the Home - Font section to do this.  Looks like a bug to me but maybe I'm doing something silly?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Deidre

yes it is a bug - I've experienced the same thing. If you use the dropdown and choose calibri that font will then sit under the header / body font line in the list and you'll be able to choose it that way. Alternatively highlight the text box and choose calibri when A (font) dialog box displays.

hope that makes sense - let me know if not and I'll do screenshots for you

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