Trying to only allow 2 tries for a quiz

HI!  I have added a counter var that gets 1 added every time the person clicks retry quiz...  then the retry button is supposed to get hidden if the counter is >=1

I have added a ref to the pages so i can see what the counter is at a given point and the retry quiz button never gets hidden.. What am I doing wrong?



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Tracy Parish

Your trigger for changing the state of the button to hidden doesn't seem to
be linked to the timeline starting on the SLIDE. It's linked to the button

Recheck that one. I've done this before myself. See my image below, the
"hide button" trigger is listed under slide triggers. Yours is listed
under the button trigger.

I made a quick version attached and added a pic of the image. It seemed to
work for me. I do like this idea of limiting the numbers of quiz retries.
Nice idea.