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Hi there,

I am trying to replicate this Storyline project. All I can find it the tutorial for how to make the graphics look the same. What I really need to know how to get the check marks to appear only after clicking on all parts of that section. Can someone point me in the right direction for the tutorial?

Bit off more than I could chew!



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Colleen,

Welcome to the community. Good for you for challenging yourself.

I took a quick look at the link you provided, and also at your requirement that "the check marks to appear only after clicking on all parts of that section."

Although I can't say for sure what they did (in fact it looks to me like their check marks appear even without finishing all parts), and I'm not sure where to quickly find a tutorial that matches your request, I was able to pretty quickly throw together a rough story that I believe does what you need.

Have you used variables before? I used a combination of variables and states to make this happen.

The Main Menu slide has 2 shapes that link to 2 modules: Module 1 and Module 2

I added the visited state to each of these ovals and inserted a check mark on the visited state.

I also created 2 True/False variables with a default value of false. I named them Mod1 and Mod2.

Modules 1 and 2 each have 3 slides.

On Slide 3 of module 1 I inserted a trigger that does this:

The reason the When is "timeline ends" is to ensure Learners have actually watched the entire slide. BTW, I made the slide only 1 second long for testing purposes. If you stay on it for 1 second, it should work. The NEXT button on this slide (and slide 3 of module 2) brings you back to the Main Menu.

On Slide 3 of module 2 I inserted a trigger that does the same thing EXCEPT the variable is mod2.

Back on the Main Menu slide I added 2 triggers to change the states of the ovals. So, for example,

And, the other trigger changes the state of the Module 2 Oval to visited if mod2=true.

I'm attaching the story for you to check out. That's a LOT to chew on without a tutorial if you're new to Storyline! But perhaps it will get you started until someone can provide you with a tutorial. And be sure to shout out with question. Someone will jump in!

Holly Cain

I'm working on the same template. I have created the variables and triggers that you have, but I noticed in your story and in my story, once you click on a module, let's say module 1 and then you click on the previous button, the check mark is already there. Meaning that the variable somehow changed to true before the learner makes it to slide 3. 

I am so confused as to why this happens considering the variable is defaulted to false until the leaner reaches slide 3. 

In my story when I am previewing, on certain menu buttons I can see the check mark appear as soon as I click the button and the next slide appears!

I did upload your story to Storyline 2 and I am creating my work in Storyline 2, not sure if that has something to do with the issue? 

Any help would be appreciated!

Holly Cain

My story file is a mess! I'm just getting started on it so I was hesitant to upload it, as it might make things more confusing. However, I have cut it down and it is attached here. If it is confusing it is exactly lke the story posted by Rebecca and is having the same issues as hers. 

Holly Cain

My goal is for the check marks to appear once each module is complete. Therefore, I set variable changes on the last slide of each module, hoping that when each module is complete and the learner returns to the main menu that the check mark will then appear. 

This is what Rebecca describes above that she did on slide 3, and set the trigger to when timeline ends (to ensure learner watched all the slides). However, hit the previous button once you start each module (or hit each button) and it shows a chark mark already :(

I know the functionality exists for what I am desiring so I would like to build it correctly, however I know I can just remove the previous slide button from the beginning of every module as a work around. 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Holly 

im just out of my office now fir a couple of hours but one thing to try - is the visited state the SL default or did you create it? If it's the default try creating a new state called Completed and replace your triggers/variable references with that state and see if it makes a difference. If not I'll take a look when I get back unless someone chimes in beforehand. 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Holly

I have updated your story file.

1. Duplicated the Visited state - called it Completed and deleted the Visited state.
See this article on definition of states so you know why I did what I did

2. Replaced all references in the triggers with completed state on your master slide.
3. Updated your master slide triggers to adjust the variable 'when timeline starts on the menu slide' instead of when variable changes.
Hope this helps - shout out with any questions.

Holly Cain

WENDY - you are my HERO! Thank you so much. I have been able to successfully recreate what you did and it works beautifully. So grateful for your help.

Just to make sure I understand why you created the completed state and deleted the visited state....after reading the definition of visited states, visited states have built in triggers and I was basically adding additional triggers on top of those built in triggers and that's why I wasn't getting the result I wanted. Do I have this right?

Holly Cain

One last question, why does it make a difference to adjust the variable when timeline starts on the menu slide vs. when the variable changes?

Does this have something do with me having the last slide in each module set to change the variable from false to true when the timeline starts?

Not sure if that makes sense. My logic came from watching this video:

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Holly, 

The "when variable changes" trigger is looking for the variable to change on that exact slide, and it would need to change before the trigger in order, so that then it could be executed. It can be a bit more particular and cumbersome than using the when timeline starts is a more known/reliable set up. 

As far as the visited, yes - since it has some built in functionality adding triggers that either override or do the same thing can cause issues with the intended set up.