Trying to Resume Saved State of Slide...

I'm working on an eLearning and I have the Slide Property of "when revisiting" set to "Resume saved state".  This slide has buttons which take the user to different slides, then back to this 'menu' slide.  I would like the user to click all of the buttons before the the 'next' button is available.  I have all of the triggers and states set correctly.  However, when returning to the 'menu' slide the buttons are not in the down state as I expect them to be since I am revisiting the slide.  I have attached images to show triggers, states, and the slide properties I have set.  

Am I wrong to think that the states of the buttons - after being clicked - should be in the 'down' state when returning to this slide?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Wendy Farmer

I would duplicate whatever your 'down' state is and call it 'visited' if that's how you want it to display - and you won't need triggers to do the change of state as Storyline knows what action to do for the built in states.  Adding triggers can cause issues.

This article may help 

Kati Lett

So, I changed the state to visited, and removed the triggers.  All works now... except, I have a trigger for the 'next button' to be disabled until all buttons are in a 'visited' state.  Now that does not work.  I'd like the end user to go through the information before being able to move forward.  I'm using the player's next button.