Trying to save and get error message every time

Jul 20, 2012

This has been happening since I started my trial a month ago, but now it happens every single time.  When I try to save my storyline file, a popup comes up and says "The project file could not be saved.  ContainerCanNotOpen"  and after that my Storyline file gets renamed "Untitled1" as if it never existed.  Anybody else have this problem?? It is very frustrating because I have to restart Storyline every time it happens...

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Deborah Littlefield

I found this post while searching for a solution to this problem.  I realize it's two months old, but I'll reply just in case.

I consistently run into the same problem...though it's not every time I try to save.  It generally happens if I have recorded a screencast, and then done a lot of editing specifically on the "try mode" slides.  Edits may include doing fine tuning on the action, or even adding captions/hot spots/etc.  If I've done quite a bit of editing, it seems to happen.  The progress bar at the bottom where it shows "saving file" gets all the way to the end, and then the error says, 'The project file cannot be saved.  ContainerCanNotOpen."  At this point, the title at the top of the screen becomes "Untitled.1" instead of what my file was actually named.

When this happens, I have to exit all the way out of storyline and restart it.  When I do that...and open the file I was working on -- the changes I had made actually WERE saved.  So I don't lose any work.  But it's annoying.

I can't tell if Kelly sent in a screencast as requested...but if you have a solution I'd love to hear it.  Or if you need a screencast, I'll try to collect one. 

Deborah Littlefield

Hi Peter,

I was able to record a screencast, and opened a support case referencing this thread to get it to them.  It's case 00298024.  I did not send in the .story file, as it's not file-specific (it happens across many files).  But I'm happy to send the story in if you think it is relevant.  Should I just send it in under my open support case?

Lisa Struebing

Has there been a solution to this issue yet?  I am experiencing the same scenario as Deborah.  I have a couple try modes in my project and I find that if I edit more than say 5 slides before saving, I will get the same ContainerCanNotOpen error.  I also close the program and when I re-open it, my changes are made.

What did tech support find with Deborahs submission?  If there is something I can do differently, I sure will.

Thank you much,  Lisa

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