Trying to set a value to a numeric box and if the user does not enter correctly, it takes them to an incorrect layer pointing them to the riight answer


I feel so silly asking this question but I'm adding numeric boxes to my course. The user has to enter the correct amount. If they don't,  they must be sent to another layer giving them the correct answer. When all fields are filled in correctly, then the slide is supposed to advance. I'm  having a hard time setting these variables and actions. I feel silly for asking because  I know this is a basic  programing function of storyline, but if anyone can give me any hints or send me to the right tutorials, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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Brian Allen

Hello Nadja,

Without knowing more about your storyline project and what might be going on, I wanted to point you to this tutorial on using text/numeric entry fields, just in case it might be helpful -

If you're able to share the slide that you're having trouble with it would be helpful for troubleshooting.

Nadja Sherelis

Thanks Brian,

I did  go through that tutorial. I'm attaching a file that I'm  trying to modify to work with numeric entries. Ingnore the instructions below that says to add "unit", we decided to skip that. But in a nutshell, I want the user to enter the values assigned to them on top line (even though they are already there). If they should get it correct than somewhere I want that captured. If they get it wrong, then I want it to  go to a incorrect layer telling them what they should type. Once all fields have been  inputted correctly, I want the slide to jump ahead  to the next slide. Sounds like a lot of programming to me. What are your thoughts.

Brian Allen


I added an incorrect and a correct layer to your slide and did the programming to show each layer dependent upon the answers provided. The screenshots below show the extent of the programming needed, not too bad.

One thing that I do to make text/number entry fields like this a little easier is I add a "check answer(s)" button for the user to click, which gives the user something to click that causes the last entry field to lose focus and commit the entered value to the variable for that entry field.

In this case I've added an error layer that will show if someone clicks the check answers button before they've entered a value into all four fields.

Check out the attached file, and here are the screenshots that show the programming I added to show the correct and incorrect layers...

Nadja Sherelis

Hi Brian,

Sorry to be such a pain but that is not exactly what I'm  looking for. I want to set a value into a number field and if the user enter's the wrong number, than they get a layer that tells them exactly what to enter. And once that number is entered, they can move on to the next screen. I'm attaching 3 screenshots so you can see what exactly I want it to look like and how to function.

Screen 1 - This is the initial screen telling the user to click in the data field and enter a number of 150. As soon as they click it goes to screen 2

Screen 2 - the number is covered by a white numeric box waiting for them to enter the correct number. If they do not, then it goes  to screen 3

Screem 3 - Gives the instruction of what number to enter,  and once that number is entered, it then jumps to the next slide repeating the process for all 4 fields.

What I don't know how to do is set a equal to value for a numeric box. Say is that number is equal to not true, take them to the layer telling them what to enter, and when they do a equal to is true thus forcing the screen to move forward. I know  how to set the equal to number in the variables dialog, but when I  do that, if the user makes a mistake, it automatically adds in the correct number. Please let me know of you need any more information and thank you for your help.