Trying to toggle back to Normal upon slide revisit

Hi everyone, I've set my slide to reset to initial state. I also built in toggles to turn on-off each of the boxes as learners click them. My toggles work until the learner selects two wrong answers and hits Submit. The "try again" button is set to restart this slide.

When the slide restarts, all answers return properly to the Normal state. But I have to click twice on any of the answers to toggle them to the Clicked state. If the slide truly restarted, why is this happening? Thanks for your help!

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Jeff Forrer

Hello. When you reset your slide, your variables need to be reset manually as well, they won't automatically reset on jumping back to the slide even if it is set to "Reset to initial state".

Also, I noticed your buttons are grouped with text and the button.  I would suggest putting the text in the button itself and removing each group so you just have the button to target vs. the group.

Katie Stern

Thanks for your response, Jeff! I created the rectangles alone and then added the text on top because I didn't think the button presets had the appearance I was going for. This is a template for my department, so I assume people will use their own .jpg buttons in the future. But is there a way of putting the text into the rectangle as you suggest? 

In regard to the variables on the slide: I added a Set varGroup1 equal to False when the timeline starts, and it worked. Thanks!

Jeff Forrer

Hello, you can just type the text right on the buttons themselves vs. making a separate text field.  Plus the text then is put on each state and if you change it on the original state, it will change for all.

If you are templating this, and folks change images later, here is a link to how to set up your external images so that they appear in your states on import so you don't have to import each state separately:

Good luck!