Trying to use a long-press in HTML course, not in the app

I'm creating a software simulation course that will run on a touch screen laptop. The course trains learners how to use software that runs on that same laptop. The client is hoping I can use long-press actions in the simulations because the learner will be able to do so when using the software.

I was very happy to see I can set triggers to recognize a right-click, which is the mouse equivalent of the long-press, but a actual long-press doesn't work. When I test on the touch screen, a long-press opens the Flash context menu.

What's odd is a right-click doesn't open the Flash context menu anywhere in the course while it would in any other Flash-based content, but long-press opens the context menu every time regardless if I'm on a hotspot or not.

Is there any way to not open the Flash context menu, but instead make a long-press act like a right-click? Thanks for any advice!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Chris,

I haven't seen a long press type of action - I'm wondering could you "simulate" a long press by delaying the next action? So say, the user has to "long press" on a button for 3 seconds, and you're going to show the next element on a layer. Set up the layer to be shown when the user clicks (does that work if they're still holding the "button"?) and then set all the elements on the layer to not appear till 3 seconds after the timeline starts. 

Maybe I'm misunderstanding as well? Could you share a bit more about the long press? I don't have a touch screen laptop either - but potentially someone in the community does and they may be able to chime in here. 

Chris Ammon

Thanks Ashley! That's a great idea, and I think I could make that work if I could stop this Flash context menu from opening on long-press. Flash context menu when you right-click or long-press on a Flash file

That menu opens whenever you right-click a Flash file (.swf) on your computer. It also opens if you long-press a Flash file on a touch screen. In my published file, that menu does NOT open when I right-click anywhere in my course including hotspots that are set to trigger on right-click (that's good), but it does open if I long-press anywhere including those hotspots.

Since that menu doesn't open when I right-click I wonder if Storyline is forcing it to not open, in which case it would be great if I could also force that context menu to not open on long-press. The behavior of a long-press behavior may only be controlled by the hardware or OS. I don't know.

I appreciate your idea. Plan B is to instruct the learner to just use right-click in those instances. Note to everyone, by the way, the right-click trigger seems to only work on the base layer, not any other layer.


Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Chris for sharing that here. I can't think of another way around the long pause set up, and honestly don't know if the issue is OS, hardware or software - but if the right click works semi close to the normal set up, I'd suggest going that route. Hopefully someone will be able to share other thoughts with you here.