Trying to use a variable to indicate the status of a knowledge check on a menu screen

I created an online course in Storyline 2 with multiple chapters, and each chapter contains a knowledge check.  I then created a variable (Chapter1KnowledgeCheckComplete) with a default value of zero.  I created a trigger to adjust the variable value to 1 when the timeline begins on the "Success" layer on the results slide for the chapter.Success Layer on Results Slide

On the menu slide, I created a control for each chapter's knowledge check to indicate its status, and created a state called KC Complete.  I then created a trigger to change the state to KC Complete when the variable changes on Chapter1KnowledgeCheckComplete if the variable is greater than zero (to account for multiple visits to the knowledge check questions).


The Knowledge Check is not changing to the correct state (the state is a different color, and indicates "Knowledge State Complete".  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Sandy!

Sorry to hear that you've run into an issue with this, but thank you for the explanation and sharing your project file for us to take a look.

I would adjust this trigger:

Looks like that setting is working and thanks for putting the answers on the slide for me :)

Let me know if that helps!

Sanda Meyer

I tried to duplicate the trigger you sent me.  The Chapter 1 KC Complete object is on slide 9.1, but the results slide is slide 1.31.  I created the trigger from slide 9.1 because this is where the object resides, but when I select "when the timeline starts" .. the Object box limits my selection to an object on the current slide or the slide itself - I cannot select slide 1.31.  I am using Storyline 2, and I'm not sure if that's why this not working for me.