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Glenn Preston
Hi there, and thanks for the reply.
We had done all that was shown on that page but there is one thing it doens't tell. you.
The lmsmanifest.xml file also has 2 references to index_lms.html in it and you have to go in and remove the _lms from those two references as well.
Also remember that Adobe Connect requires complete/incomplete as the response to the LMS. Fail/pass does not work.
Once we did this, it worked as planned!

On a related note, we use adobe connect for ILT with a global audience. In the past, we have imported simulations created in adobe captivate and, of course, they work well in connect.

Has anyone tried importing a StoryLine simulation (or other StoryLine created content) into adobe connect with any success?

If so, what advice or guidance do you have to share?


Never mind - just found my answer in Justin's link.

"Although you can track Articulate content in Adobe Connect, you won't be able to display it in Adobe Connect Meeting. Adobe Connect Meeting only allows one file to load at a time. Since Articulate content relies on multiple files to function, it won't work in Adobe Connect Meeting."