Turn button to normal after visiting a layer


So I am sure I have gotten this to work previously, but it seems my brain has gone on holiday!!

So I have a disabled next button on the base layer, you then click the rectangle which opens the layer with a circle and a close button. You click the close button and a variable is set to true and the layer is hidden. I then want the next button state to turn to normal when the variable is set to true and this isnt happening.  I have attached a basic story file so you can tell me my rooky mistake!

Thanks for your help.

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Kelly Sheehan

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for the help and this does indeed fix the issue in the story file but maybe I made it too simplistic.

What is actually happening on the real side is I have 3 starts (the rectangles) and when you click on them a box appears with text on and a close button. Now I only want the next button to become active when they have clicked on all 3 stars, so I belive a variable is needed but am stuck on how to get it to work. I have updated the story file to reflect what I need to happen on the real slide.

Jerry Beaucaire

It's the same mistake.  The trigger you're choosing is "When Timeline Starts", and you don't set those variables until LOOONG after the timeline has started on the base.   So that's never going to be the right trigger for this need.

I would opt for the same solution as above.

1) Make sure all your clickable stars have a VISITED state.  That way as soon as you click them they get that state automatically.  I even gave the Selected state a grey color so it's obvious which stars you've visited.

2) Then the trigger you designed on the base gets moved to all 3 layers, set to occur as the second event.