Turn off mouse over highlights for "test mode"

Jan 27, 2014

I tried searching the forums and couldn't find anything on this, but if this is a duplicate apologies in advance!

When you do a screen record with the purpose of creating a "test mode", is there a way to turn off the mouse over highlights?  It's a pretty big giveaway as to where the correct hotspot is on the test if it's always highlighted.   I tried searching google to see if this was a windows setting but couldn't find the specific subject i'm looking for either.  Any help is appreciated!

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

HI Alex,

I think you're referring to areas that can be removed with Fine Tuning. Right click on the slide that has the recording that needs editing, and select Action Fine Tuning from the shortcut menu. Then adjust the frames in this Editing Window.

Here's a tutorial on working with screen recordings that include information on Fine Tuning

Here's another one with a Tom Kuhlmann screencast

Please shout out with any questions.

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