Turn Tab Access Off in Player

So the new update allows up to easily turn tab access off on items in the slide. But is there a way we can turn off the tab access on the slide master or on the player course like the next/previous button. A current software simulation has the user press the Tab key to do certain functions and this feature is getting in the way. 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jerson,

The directions in terms of how to skip player navigation are detailed here

Here's how it works:

  1. First, you'll tab through the slide objects in the order defined by the content author.
  2. When you press the Tab key after the last object on the slide, the screen reader will instruct you to press the spacebar or Enter key if you want to skip player navigation.
    • If you press the spacebar or Enter key, your next tab will jump back to the first object on the slide.
    • If you don't press the spacebar or Enter key, your next tab will proceed to the player navigation.

The option to skip player navigation when using a screen reader is always enabled. You don't need to do anything to activate it. Just install the latest update and publish your course.

I haven't tested it out myself yet - but if you're having difficulty with it let us know. I'd want to know if you're seeing this in publish or preview of the course. 

Jerson  Campos

Also,  just inserted the recorded steps as a step-by-step try me demo and saw this screen for some of the key press functions. 

How can I create one of these manually?  I want to insert the TAB key as the answer, but it just skips to the next entry field (at the bottom) when i try to insert it as the answer.  

Jerson  Campos

Yeah I figure as much and took some steps to work around it but I'm running into other issues.  It seems that the container for the content loses focus when using key presses to move to the next slide. I don't know if it's a SL2 issue because I was able to do this in SL1 with no problem.

Example I have a trigger on three different slides where a user needs to press "Enter", "1",  and then "Enter" to move along those three slides, but for some reason when I get to the second slide the key press doesn't work and I have to click inside the content container and then press "1" so that the key press trigger works and moves to the next slide.  Another colleague is experiencing the same issue when he wants to navigate in a course he is building using just key presses.  You have to click inside the slide for it to work. 

Is it certain keys  that does this or is it something else?

Jerson  Campos

Yea i have the latest update. 

I created this demo with nothing on it except some text boxes and a shape on it to test some things out. The triggers (on the master slide) are set to move forward or backwards using the LEFT or RIGHT keys.  After pressing left or right twice, it loses focus and I have to click inside the player to be able to use them again.  With key presses you have an option to set it to the slide itself or object in the screen. Right now it was set to the slide.

After changing it to an object (rectangle 1)  this problem didn't occur.  I still have to test this out on my actual course, but I'll update you with any results.


Jerson  Campos

So after redoing the work I did yesterday and attaching the "go to next slide on key press" trigger to a shape or object on screen instead of the slide itself it seems to work. I've created about 10 slides and everything seems to work fine so far.  

What is the difference with attaching this trigger to an object or the slide.  Shouldn't it function the same?