Turn your published doc file into an image only slideshow

So I stumbled across this neat trick that I think some people might like.

Microsoft office files with the "x" in the extension (docx, pptx, xlsx) are really just zip files with all the images, audio, etc... in them.

  • So what I thought I'd try was publishing my project in Storyline as a word file.
  • Save it as a 2010 file in word (docx).
  • Change the filename from whatever.docx to whatever.zip. (You can skip this step if you open the file with a program like 7-Zip)
  • Open the file.

Now all the "screenshots" that are in the doc file are available inside a media directory to put into a quick image only slide show using Picasa or whatever.

There are many uses for "unzipping" newer MS office files to get to the embedded content but I thought the workflow of getting all the screenshots of every slide and every layer and being able to present it in a image only format was pretty cool and might be helpful to others.

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