Turning Audio off when Pushing Buttons

Hi, I am creating a course that includes a page with three buttons. The audio asks the learner to click each button to learn more about a different topic. However, if the learner clicks a button and the audio starts playing, they can click the other buttons and the audio from the first button doesn't turn off...so there are two audio tracks going simultaneously.

How do you put parameters in place to tell the buttons to turn the audio off when a user clicks another button?

Thanks for your help!

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Gerry Wasiluk


Have tried doing this with layers?

Have your three buttons on your base layer.  Put your three audios on separate layers.  Each button would first hide the current layer and then open up a new layer.  On your base layer, just pause its timeline but let learners still be able to click on objects on the base layer.

hari krishna

Hi GudMrng peter

Thank you so much for your replay actually I am trying to do customized Button for audio on and off with single button. But I am not able to find out correct solution to apply the triggers only one action is working while audio plays I can only find pause when I click but again if I want to listen audio am not able to get work of Play can you please help me out from this.

hari krishna

Hi Peter Need one more help from youactually I have prepare final Quiz with 10 Questions I need to apply for thisQuiz timer that this Quiz should end in 10 minutes. If user stops in 5thQuestion and he past his 10mins time in that case the Quiz should get close automaticallyand go to result page and he should get his result percentage.

Can you please help me out from this…

hari krishna


I have created quiz file in my course after attempting allquestions we will get Result slide what is my doubt is when I take print of theResult I will find my Result Page in that we can see all our correct and incorrect feedback and inthat we can see Top of that with name “Results6”and below down Our particulate given name. Is there any possible to remove the nameof “Results6” and instead of that canwe put our relater course name?  withoutdoing any code changing after the course get publishing because if we do thatwe are getting problem to get upload SCORM files in our LMS.

Can you please help me out of this? I am sending you Image of my PRINT Result Page "Results6".Please don’t mind I have deleted the Quiz Questions because it’s Our Companyconfidential content.

Peter Anderson

Hi Gaddam, 

Unfortunately, there's nothing built-in that allows you to alter the title of your print results. Nancy's suggestion here is the most direct approach, but it does require adding a tag to the published output, so I'm not sure if that would work for you. 

Please feel free to submit a feature request if you'd like to see an option to alter the print results title in the future.