Turning off the music

We have some music (little clips, nothing intrusive) peppered throughout our most recent course, and my supervisor would like me to make it so that students can choose to turn off the music at the beginning of the course if they want.  Since there isn't a mute button option for the player (feature request!), I'm trying to do this with variables and a Pick One interaction.

The variable, SoundOn, is automatically set as True.  If the user picks the incorrect option on the Pick One, I'd like to set SoundOn to false.  However, I'm not finding the variable that's linked to the response for the Pick One.  Am I misunderstanding how this works?  Is there an easier way to do this?

(I'm using Storyline 2.)

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi StatEase, 

The pick one question type doesn't have a variable associated with it - but just the objects that are a part of the pick one. I'm unclear on how you'll use this to mute the audio though - and did want to share that there is an older thread about how to mute the audio with Javascript.  The Storyline player doesn't have a mute button, but it does have a volume control, and would allow the user to turn the volume all the way down.